Coffee Table Project

This project was realized in Fall 2018 as part of the 3D Digital Concepts course. 

Project Description

Students will complete a project to design a "nature inspired" coffee table with the use of Rhinoceros. 


Subject chosen : The Flying Gecko.

The gecko being a specific type of lizard, we discovered that it had many distinctive characteristics. For example, the gecko can throw away its tail in case of danger. It then regenerates itself after a short period of time. The flying gecko is also the only type of gecko that has the ability to "fly". It actually glides through the air with the help of his webbed feet and tail and wide flap of skin that acts as a parachute.

Project Process 

Combined Idea #1

The design explored some characteristics of the Flying Gecko. The table top reflected the webbed feet by the juxtaposition of the glass and the wood. The different elevations created a sense of depth to the table. As an addition to the entire concept, each part of the table top were interchangeable which added a customizable aspect.

Individual Models

Table #1 : Inspired by the flying gecko's webbed feet. 

Table #2 : Inspired by the gecko's tail. 

Final Idea

Final Idea

The design explores the different characteristics of the Flying Gecko. The shape of the table reflects its webbed feet. The different elevations create a sense of depth to the table and were inspired by the slanted body of the lizard. The table is made out of wood and hides three separate compartments. Each table tops can be removed and are held in place by thin pieces of cork. As an addition to the entire concept, one of the end pieces can be taken off and placed on the other side in order for the table to become completely flat.

Final Idea - Technical Drawing

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