Commemorative Place

This project was done in Winter 2019 as part of the Interpretive Public Space course. 

Project Description

Design a commemorative Place for one of the following : 

Mary Anning / Lina Bo Bardi / Sitting Bull / Rachel Carson / Marie Curie / Rosalind Franklin / Caroline

Herschel / Dorothy Hodgkin / Helen Keller / Barbara McClintock / Benton MacKaye / Sophie Scholl / Alan Turing / Winsor McCay / Oscar Wilde / Brownie Wise / Malcolm X. 


Project Guidelines

Conceptual Design Stage
Prepare 3 potential design strategies for your CommemorativePlace. Each strategy must be presented with a minimum of 1 three-dimensional drawing ( isometric, perspective) 1 of these strategies will be selected for detailed development. You can include additional sketches related to each design strategy on a separate page as per the supplied hand-in sample pdf.

Preliminary Design Stage
You are required to submit a plan, section and isometric drawing of your CommemorativePlace. You must also make a sketch massing model ( an image of the sketch model must be included with your digital hand-in.

Intermediate Design Stage
Revised versions of a plan, section and isometric drawing of your CommemorativePlace. In addition you must submit an in-progress rendering of your CommemorativePlace and a revised massing model.

Final Design hand-in
Final versions of plan, section, isometric drawing, massing model + revised rendering of your CommemorativePlace

Commemorative Place

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