Hotspace Project

This project was realized in Winter 2019 as part of the Interpretive Public Spaces course. 

Project Description

01:The Scenario

We were asked to design a small, deployable, “HotSpace” to be used during Montreal’s winter months. As part of the design process we had to select a site for our HotSpace in either The Old Port of Montreal or Mont Royal (the mountain)


The HotSpace is defined as being a small structure that can provide momentary shelter ( a place to warm up ) for a small group of people ( 2-4) The form, size and orientation of the HotSpace had to create warmth –passively. Passive warmth comes primarily from the sun and so orientation and our choice of materials had to be chosen carefully in the HotSpace’s design.

Team : Mingxia Arcand & Casandra Charlebois-Poirier

Final Design Hand-in

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