Hummingbird Project

This project was realized in Fall 2018 as part of the Socio-Cultural Research and Practice course. 

Project Description

Students in groups of 4–5 will complete a project that manifests the idea of biophilia(connection with nature) or cohabitation between humans and animals within the urban environment. Inspired by animal’s ways of building and using or producing materials, students will create soft surface enclosures, nests and other objects that provide warmth, protection, privacy and comfort for wild, feral or shelter animals.


Project Guidelines

Projects will address cohabitation between humans and fauna within the urban context. Students will create a path of discovery to implement a design strategy and representation of the questions raised in the research and process.

Soft surface design will be the language of expression and questioning materiality, resources and structures will be the starting point of your design thinking.
Using nature-inspired design research, students will design soft sustainable ‘objects’ that are lightweight, transportable (nomad), collapsible and transformative.

Think about Design For Disassembly (DFD), weather proof, using locally sourced layered or combined materials (ecoliteracy).

Groups should create a design based on a focused idea that takes advantage of, and highlights, the materials and techniques of soft surface. Due to the time constraint, screen printing is not a requirement for this assignment however students are encouraged to develop graphic elements. Typographic branding must be included in the pdf concept development. How does the branding of the structural soft surface conceptually support the overall design object?

The design of the pdf presentation for this project is of central importance. It should be thought of as an equal companion piece to the designed object, where its design is not only carefully considered and aesthetically sympathetic to the object, but brings additional communicative potential. The pdf is based on the process of the production (waste, proof of concept, choices).

The Hummingbird Project

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